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    Frequently asked Questions

    1. First we agree on a price
    Once agreed, the domain name will be immediately taken off the market and reserved for you.

    2. We handle the domain transfer process
    We ensure that the domain is transferred to your name or your business’s name. This means that you will become the official legal registrant.

    3. Congratulations!
    You are now the proud owner. We can assist you in transferring the domain to a domain name registrar of your choice, giving you the freedom to manage and develop it according to your preferences.

    You can choose to just redirect it to your existing website or develop it into a brand new website, among other possibilities.

    Premium domains are typically priced higher than regular domains because they are generally more desirable and in higher demand. Here are some reasons why premium domains cost more:

    Short and Memorable: Premium domains are often shorter and easier to remember than regular domains. This can make them more attractive to businesses or individuals looking to establish a strong online presence.

    High Search Volume: Premium domains often receive a high volume of search traffic due to their popularity and relevance to certain industries or niches. This makes them more valuable for SEO purposes.

    Brand Recognition: Premium domains may already have a recognizable brand associated with them, making them more valuable to businesses or individuals looking to establish a brand identity.

    Limited Supply: Premium domains are limited in supply, and once they are registered, they may not be available again for a long time, if ever. This makes them more valuable due to their scarcity.

    Overall, premium domains are priced higher due to their perceived value and demand in the marketplace.

    While the cost may be higher initially, the potential benefits of owning a premium domain can far outweigh the price paid in the long run.

    Not all domain names are created equally. We have a wide selection of domain names. From 2 words exact match domains to ultra-premium single-worded domains.

    Typically at the lower end, a starting point would be around £3000 but some of our ultra-rare premium domains can be £30,000 and upwards.

    We get hundreds of emails enquiring about our domains. We regularly receive offers of between £10 – £500. It’s worth noting that we would never consider selling any of our premium domains within that price range.

    If you pay the full amount at the time of purchase, the ownership of the domain name will usually be transferred to you within an hour. However, if the purchase is made outside of business hours, the transfer will take place on the following day.

    If you opt for installment payments, you can use the domain name from the first payment, but you will not have full ownership until the final payment is made.

    Yes, when paying in full, we utilise a UK-based company to facilitate the transaction process. The method employed is known as an Escrow service, which involves a neutral third party holding the payment.

    This approach safeguards both parties involved in the transaction. It ensures that the domain name is transferred to the buyer only after payment has been made, and that the seller receives payment only after transferring ownership of the domain name.

    Escrow payments for domain names are commonly used in scenarios where the buyer and seller may not be well-acquainted or when the transaction concerns a high-value domain name.

    While there is a nominal fee associated with the Escrow service, we absorb this cost. The UK-based company we engage for this service is

    If you are planning a new website for your new domain then it is extremely straightforward.

    If you are planning to use your new premium domain on your existing website, it requires a few changes. It is a relatively easy process but every scenario is different and a lot depends on your level of knowledge.

    If in doubt, we would always recommend using a web design agency if you are unsure.

    When you own a domain name, you have the ability to create custom email addresses using that domain name, such as or

    These are created once the domain is hosted with your domain registrar and or hosting company. They charge a fee for hosting email accounts and websites. There are many companies to choose from, for these types of services.

    This gives your business a more professional image compared to using a generic email address such as Hotmail. However, some web hosting companies may impose limits on the number of email accounts you can create per domain and may charge additional fees for extra accounts.

    It is important to research and choose a hosting company that offers adequate email services for your needs. serves as a fantastic domain name for a multitude of reasons. To begin with, its brevity and catchiness make it perfect for any brand or enterprise. The straightforward nature of this domain name also ensures that it is a breeze to type and circulate, thereby boosting its recognition and recall value.
    Moreover, premium domain names are in high demand, and they can significantly increase the value of a brand. Premium domain names exude a sense of reliability, authority, and sophistication, which are essential factors in cultivating confidence among customers or clients.
    Additionally, a first-rate domain name such as can elevate your brand or business above the sea of competition, leaving an indelible mark on prospective customers or clients. This aspect is particularly crucial in sectors where competition is fierce.
    In summary, a snappy, unforgettable domain name like can prove to be an incredibly potent instrument in establishing a robust online presence and nurturing your brand. By investing in an easy-to-remember and user-friendly domain name, you can enhance your visibility, cultivate brand recognition, and assert your authority within your industry.